Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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October 5, 2010
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Burgandy Keel on Running
"I think I'll be able to keep running when I get home because I'm really enjoying it. The adrenalin starts kicking in, and you just feel so strong. I love it!"

Contestants 'Soaked in Sweat'
Rest? No rest as contestants hit the gym hard
It's week 3 at the The Biggest Loser ranch, and in our weekly videoblog updates, we asked the contestants to share with us how the workouts are going. Here's what some of them had to say:
Jesse Atkins: "I anticipated the workouts with Bob and Jillian being difficult, and I have not been disappointed. No breaks. The first workout I kept thinking we'd get a 5-minute rest. There's no rest. It's just go, go, go, go for 3 hours straight."
Lisa Mosley: "Since I've been here, took one day off for rest because my body was so fatigued I could not move. You can pretend you think you know what the workouts are going to be like when Bob and Jillian are in there…there are no words to describe what the workouts are like. They push you so much further than you ever thought that you could go."
Jessica Delfs: "I am tired and beat by end of the day but this is something that we have to do to reach our goal."
Patrick House: "Bob and Jillian really beat us down in those workouts and try to get as much out of us as they possibly can. But it's worth it for that weigh in when you see how much you've lost—a fantastic feeling!"
Sophia Franklin: "I have done things here at the ranch that I have never done at home like Jacob's Ladder, fireman rolls—it is insane. Every time I work out with Bob and Jill, my shirt is soaked with sweat."
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