Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Way to go Kristy!!!

You win the gold!

(Kris, I hope you don't mind me posting this picture of your abs you sent me yesterday. I figured it would be GREAT motivation for the the rest of us.)

Ok folks, time to kick up the competition. I don't want any giver uppers here. Trust me, I've been wanting to do just that with all my no progressness.

Plateaus STINK!!! (Except when they look like Kristy's abs!)

So I've been thinking about some kind of competition within a competition. Not sure about the rest of you but chocolate is completely by far my most destructive nemesis. BY FAR! So, would anyone be interested in a Lets-See-How-Far-You-Can-Go-Without-Chocolate mini contest???

Let me know if this is something that interests you.

I guarantee it will bring us all one step closer to having ABS 'O STEEL like Kristy!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Still no change....ARG!!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I love the comics---keep them coming!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I like his approach to weight loss!!
you think maternity clothes would have the same effect??

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So I had a similar experience to Julie last week. I did pretty well until the weekend. But having a birthday doesn't help. We took Emily out to lunch and then had a not very weight loss helpful birthday dinner with mom and dad (sorry mom and dad, it was her pick:) Plus birthday treats never help. It was fun though. I was pleasantly surprised Monday morning that I pulled off some weight loss. I guess that being sick and having no appetite most of the week payed off. Now I am in the same boat again, feeling really yucky with no appetite. Not my ideal way of losing. I don't reccommend it, FYI. It sounds like we are all doing a great job---way to go us!!!!!
Congratulations to All!

I haven't heard from Jason but assuming nothing's changed he is still in the lead! Nice work! Except I hear that not too much "work" is required for his weight loss. :)

I felt like I did great last week until Saturday and Sunday. You can't just eat celery for the Superbowl, can you? This week my motivation is to eat really really well and then I will allow myself to eat a delicious meal on Valentine's Day night. ONLY if I can behave and for me that means no or very little sugar. Chips and fries and all that are not my problem, it is the sweets. So that is my motivation and it better work because I have my menu planned out already.

The other thing I am doing this week is putting away my scale. I weighed myself probably 4 times a day last week and disappointed myself more than once. Not worth it. So hopefully it will be a pleasant surprise come Monday morning....hopefully. For some reason, I feel I could be a lot happier if I could beat Jason. :)

PS: I just wanted to let everyone know they are welcome to post more often...I know I am probably more of a blogger geek than the rest of you. Just please don't get sick of all my posts because I can guarantee you, there's more to come. I have a lot to say.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I just want everyone to know that if I don't lose weight this week it is because I have gained MUSCLE!!!

I took a spinning class today and let me tell you,

it kicked my sorry excuse for a butt!

First of all, I had no idea it was a whole hour long! I was thinking more along the 30 minute time frame. Second of all, no one told me (until after) that most first timers just stay in the saddle the whole time and some don't even make it through the whole class. I did, but barely. I was afraid of getting off the dang bike because I thought my legs would forget how to work normally. They have. I have never been so sore in my whole life!

Luckily, the instructor and a friend from the ward were there to tell me it was ok that my 100% was about 1000 times slower than the skinny blonde's 50% on the other side of the room. Did I mention she was a machine? I mean literally, who can go that fast that long?!?! Aggravating if you ask me.

I plan on living off of Diet DP and a whole bunch of Ibuprofen for the rest of the day. If anyone wants to join me they are welcome!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010