Friday, September 21, 2012

Remember Me?

So I was thinking about this little blog the other day and thought, why not use this to post ideas, things to celebrate, diet-friendly recipes and so on?  I mean again.  So.

Yesterday was a VERY difficult day for me.  But I survived.  Having support (in the form of kids and hubby) helps a lot.  Except when Haylee, meaning well, said to me the other day:

"You can have Nutella on your diet, right Mom?"

I wish.

Alas, no nutella.  If I absolutely positively need something sweet, which really hasn't been too much of a problem until yesterday, I have sugar free hot chocolate (iced if mid-day) or a SF fudgesicle.  Yum.

He (BJ) asked me several times if I really lost that much, like he was impressed.  That made me feel better.  What will really make me feel better is the day he comes home and notices I've lost weight.  Don't you think?  Remember I'm behind the 2 of you.  So after one week I have lost 3.28%.

One thing I am trying to remind myself (and YOU too) is that the first week of any diet is always a big number.  It will slow down, even doing phase 1 of SB.

So here's my tip of the day (you know, because I'm cool and experienced and wise enough to offer tips)...I actually may have shared this earlier but oh well.  There is a blog that I discovered several years ago entirely devoted to the SB diet.  She is following the diet and has zillions of recipes.  I have used a bunch of hers, some I made still even when I wasn't trying to do SB.  I love this blog because after every recipe, she specifies which phase of the diet it would be good on and usually, how to make it phase 1 friendly.  Also every month she does a phase 1 round-up of favorite recipes acceptable for phase 1.  You can search by ingredient.  Or by picture.  Or by phase.  Or by meal type.  I'll admit, some of her recipes require some interesting ingredients.  But there really are tons that do not.  She also posts sometimes about the SB diet and her experience and tips and snack ideas, etc for those just starting the diet. Anyway, I have found it helpful.

Here are some I have tried and like: (I could eat this all day long, it's that good)

You're welcome.  Have a great day.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Biggest Loser Club Member Newsletter – click here to log in now
October 5, 2010
Tuesdays 8/7c

Burgandy Keel on Running
"I think I'll be able to keep running when I get home because I'm really enjoying it. The adrenalin starts kicking in, and you just feel so strong. I love it!"

Contestants 'Soaked in Sweat'
Rest? No rest as contestants hit the gym hard
It's week 3 at the The Biggest Loser ranch, and in our weekly videoblog updates, we asked the contestants to share with us how the workouts are going. Here's what some of them had to say:
Jesse Atkins: "I anticipated the workouts with Bob and Jillian being difficult, and I have not been disappointed. No breaks. The first workout I kept thinking we'd get a 5-minute rest. There's no rest. It's just go, go, go, go for 3 hours straight."
Lisa Mosley: "Since I've been here, took one day off for rest because my body was so fatigued I could not move. You can pretend you think you know what the workouts are going to be like when Bob and Jillian are in there…there are no words to describe what the workouts are like. They push you so much further than you ever thought that you could go."
Jessica Delfs: "I am tired and beat by end of the day but this is something that we have to do to reach our goal."
Patrick House: "Bob and Jillian really beat us down in those workouts and try to get as much out of us as they possibly can. But it's worth it for that weigh in when you see how much you've lost—a fantastic feeling!"
Sophia Franklin: "I have done things here at the ranch that I have never done at home like Jacob's Ladder, fireman rolls—it is insane. Every time I work out with Bob and Jill, my shirt is soaked with sweat."
Weight loss tips and wisdom Biggest Loser style, it's all here on!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trainer Tip
From Bob
When you're working out it's important to incorporate weight training into your routine. You'll burn 8 to 10 calories a minute lifting weights. Also, lifting weights gives you a metabolic spike for an hour after your workout because your body is trying hard to help your muscles recover.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In honor of :

Dad's Century rides,
Ryan and Dave's triathlons and
Kristy & Mindy's duathlon,

I have added the "Bicycle" song by Queen to our playlist.

(It was played during spin class on Monday...I was inspired)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Money Connection
If you're not counting calories, you're probably racking up debt
Financial guru Suze Orman makes a return visit to The Biggest Loser this week and tells the contestants, "You're not just made up of your health, you're made up of your wealth. And the two of them are totally connected."

Some people scratch their heads at the connection between their waistline and their checking account, but it's about mindfulness. As long as you're writing down what you eat, you're more aware of the calorie count. The Biggest Loser nutritionist Cheryl Forberg says that when contestants first meet with her, they usually underestimate how much they're eating. They just have no idea. And it's the same with the bank balance. If you don't write it down, you're probably going to come up short at the end of the month

Organizing your life is taking responsibility for it. And that applies to every phase from eating to exercise to keeping track of your finances.
Something to be proud of...

...for me anyway. :)  Today, for the first time in probably 15 years, I swam laps.  I give myself props because my goggles broke on the first lap.  They, unfortunately, have been sitting in a drawer, unused, for 15 years collecting dust and apparently, brittality (you know, like "brittle-ness").  Since I was worried about my contacts coming out, I was limited to a low splash back stroke.  I like the back stroke, although I think my form may have been a bit off since I was trying to minimize the amount of water getting in my eyes.  So yes, I looked funny.  Yes, I was slow.  I took comfort, however, in the fact that I was just as slow as my fellow swimmers (all of whom, I might add, had flippers, oh and they were also all probably over 75).  So, while the rest of the nonretired adult world was on their lunch breaks or cutting up hot dogs for their kiddos, I swam.  I did have to stop and rest A TON, but I hope to lessen that in the future.

As for now I am exhausted.  Drained.  Sore.  But it feels good.
My belt is too big.