Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Something to be proud of...

...for me anyway. :)  Today, for the first time in probably 15 years, I swam laps.  I give myself props because my goggles broke on the first lap.  They, unfortunately, have been sitting in a drawer, unused, for 15 years collecting dust and apparently, brittality (you know, like "brittle-ness").  Since I was worried about my contacts coming out, I was limited to a low splash back stroke.  I like the back stroke, although I think my form may have been a bit off since I was trying to minimize the amount of water getting in my eyes.  So yes, I looked funny.  Yes, I was slow.  I took comfort, however, in the fact that I was just as slow as my fellow swimmers (all of whom, I might add, had flippers, oh and they were also all probably over 75).  So, while the rest of the nonretired adult world was on their lunch breaks or cutting up hot dogs for their kiddos, I swam.  I did have to stop and rest A TON, but I hope to lessen that in the future.

As for now I am exhausted.  Drained.  Sore.  But it feels good.


  1. Jules, that is awesome! When you conquer the pool, you can teach me!

  2. This is just one more time...you amaze me girl!!!! Way to go!