Monday, March 1, 2010

So, I haven't weighed myself yet, today... (I forgot in the Monday morning rush to get everybody off to school & work),
However, I would like to incite Julie's disclaimer of possible weight-gain due to muscles getting bigger from Spinning Class.
As most of you now know, I started a Spinning Class last Thursday night. Thanks to Julie's experience, I learned from her example and decided to not go completely all-out my 1st try "in the saddle" Good thing, too. 'Cuz, although I felt the burn and had a good hurt during class, I felt fairly good, albeit very tired, at the end.
The next day, however, I couldn't get out of bed because just rolling into the sitting position caused pain I've not experienced before! My tailbone was so sore and my quads so tight the next 2 days, that when I squatted to take a look at something at the store, I couldn't get back into a standing position!!! Laugh, I know its funny!

So, while I now have learned that I should probably invest in some padded biking shorts, I have not yet accepted the idea of Butt-Butter.

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  1. Good for you for keepin up with it despite the pain!