Friday, March 26, 2010

Who Says it's Over???

First of all, no one ever offered any suggestions as to an end date.

Second, I don't know why everyone stopped sending me weekly own % did not change b/c my progress was nonexistent. Maybe that's the same with everyone else.

Thirdly, well, if things have died down and we have lost our competitive spirit then I guess we should call it quits and call Kristy the winner. If we do put an end to the competition, however, I think it'd still be fun to post ideas and frustrations and tips and comics and whatnot. For motivation if not anything else because I for one could still use some support...



  1. I think we (at least I was) were all just getting frustrated at the realization that we can't beat out somebody losing baby-fat. So, as I stated in my previous off Gizzy.
    OR....we could do the weighs ins for %weight lost the previous week, looking for weekly winners, that way, when I have a really good week, my change from the previous week is what is counted, not overall. That might give some of the rest of us a fighting chance.

  2. FYI, all my 'baby fat' was gone 10 pounds ago.